Contains graphic language. Not suitable for very young minds. Go cry to mummy.

Thoughts so far

I am being pulled by gravity to the state of melancholy and remorse. I feel extremely irrelevant to the world, probably because humans are nothing but a speck of dust compared to the immense scale of the universe; the same universe where tens of thousands of galaxies rest into a complete black hole of nothingness. Even the comparison of both ideas with one another is a compliment to being human. I mean, In reality, we have nothing of resemblance to a dust in parallel to the vastness of the entire intergalactic space. We may even be tinier than a subatomic particle. Sucks right? You exist in the world where it does not even recognize your actuality. That is the nearest description to the representation of my irrelevance in the environment I am in.

Some people might even result to a lecture that the answer to the million dollar problem is to just leave it all behind, and not think about it at all, for it being simple and such an incredibly shallow thought. To the people who say that you chose to be treated depending on how you are around everyone, or your attitude towards a person defines your relationship with them, and that you and only you perceive yourself as irrelevant or unimportant:

FUCK YOU and your lack of empathy.

People experience things differently – this is a cliché phrase that has been overused now, but happens to still be accurate. Apparently, things does not always happen to our liking and comfort. Now, your solution may be applicable to a few, but would you accept the fact that; (1) some people deal with certain challenges and no matter how hard they try to fit in, they always end up being the odd man out or the last one picked. It’s not a choice. And, (2) is it still their fault to care too much and not always having people to back them up and care about their existence? I don’t think so. So fuck you and your misconceptions about reality. Your optimism is killing me.

To make up for the extremely low spirits, you still secrete carbon dioxide that is essential to the flora A.K.A plant life. So, okay. Maybe we are not that irrelevant, and maybe I’m exaggerating.

Adios, bitches!