Where Rainbows End

I couldn’t begin to collect my thoughts, much more to put them into words and describe how I feel. One thing I am very sure of is that the eyes can be a tear factory just by reading a stack of papers bound together on the side (or in my case, a really heavy electronic material brilliantly engineered by the people who love their apples). I wouldn’t make things complex. As you know, I was reading a book (or an epub will do too) entitled Where Rainbows End, and it’s not a guideline about finding a pot of gold or how to avoid leprechauns when you’re there. It’s about stages of life in a few people’s perspective. I can only share what I learned, as I do not want to spoil anyone from having to experience living somewhere, re-living dreams, going places by your imagination, and be surprised by different twists (you name it).



Perfect picture ever. Can’t wait for the movie by the way!


All I can say is that life is a novel. It has different chapters, each is a bridge to deliver a better and meaningful plot. Chances are lost. New opportunities are found. People come, and so we eventually have to bid farewells to those who chose not to stay. There will be a few people in your life who will stick until the end, be sure to not take them for granted. Sucking in life from time to time is not that bad if you think of it. Just like what the guy next door imprints, “Mistakes are the portals of discovery” ;). You’re never too old to learn and educate yourself. And as for love in this story (Since it’s a romance novel), I would compare it to a moon viewed by an observer from the earth, it has different phases. Each one may be distinct from one another but the composition is the same thing. Only viewed in different perspectives (Oh what price I would pay to actually make sense of what I always wanted to say). I couldn’t say any more for I still want someone to discover what I had.

P.S Live your life and make it count. Can I get a hallelujah.




Some pointers in life:

  • Don’t listen to anyone who says your dream is too big. Nothing is impossible. Even ‘impossible’ says “I’m possible!”
  • Be a better person. Restore people’s faith in humanity.
  • Read more, and keep updated with the current events.
  • Set goals after another. The journey doesn’t stop there.
  • DO NOT EVER say anything when you’re mad.
  • If you feel sad, or gloomy, get out of the house.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven (Book Review)

“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time…”

You may think that our life ends when we die, but this books says no, it does not end like that. After death, comes the start of a new adventure. We all thought that heaven is just a single place, beautiful, and serene like the heaven version of the Wisteria Tunnel in Kitakyushu Japan, or more like Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia after the rain. But heaven is what you least expect it to be. In this world, everyone has a different version of their heaven, and it’s not an island in the Caribbean.

This book says you will meet five people that waits for you in heaven and each one has a story to share that somehow altered your life forever. Each one to tell you the role you played in their life and in earth when you were alive.

I’ve never really cried so hard just by reading a book. This book did not only made me teary eyed but somehow left a heavy feeling inside me, though in a good way which being inspired and moved is the aftermath.

This is a very good book and I recommend it for you to read!

Gap Year and what I did not have the chance to experience.

Why am I not given the chance to experience a whole lot of things before going to college, seriously? You did not know how much I like this gap year to happen, but it just don’t exist in my country, which by the way is The Philippines. To whoever you are that is reading this, you are probably wondering why am I ranting so much just because I did not experience this gap year.

After Highschool, we make certain decisions before going to college. That decision is about what do you want to pursue and what you want to become. As a 16 year old Highschool graduate (I’m 18 now), I can say that my decisions and goals in life are not that clear to me. I am young back then and I am not that sure of what I really want to achieve. Most of my batchmates are quite clear with their goals but unfortunately, there are those who are undecided, just like me. And you know, these choices are going to define your future, your work, and all the stuff that will make you a responsible adult, and what not?

So, why do I really want this Gap Year  to happen? It is because I want to have that time to figure out what path should I take, what choices in life should I make, and might I repeat, will “define your-my future”, so that I don’t end up with the wrong decisions in life that will make me miserable.

SADLY, as you know, it did not happen. Now I am stuck with a decision that I didn’t even like. I am not saying that broadcasting, productions, and media is a bad course. It is nice but, it’s not my best interest anymore. Yes, I wanted to become a journalist, or even a director, but gurl, people change, I changed. Then, I realized that, it’s not my passion really. I always wanted to do art and anything that involves art, but shifting is not the best option because I’m in my third academic year, 2 more years and it’s graduation. So… you gotta do what you gotta do.

I just hope that parents will help their kids into achieving their goals and what they really want in life so they will be happy in what they do. Guide them in making decisions, not impose yours. Because when you are truly happy in what you’re doing, you’ll eventually come up with great results.

My thoughts so far:

I read this on a social networking site, and I can’t help it because this article has been bothering me for a while.Image

It seems like, the person who wrote this portray our God as a vengeful being. You people may think that God made them pay for mocking him, but you’re wrong. These people has free will, and according to Jean Paul Sartre, “We are responsible for our own actions.” Therefore, they are responsible for what happened to them, not God.

I think we should stop blaming God for everything bad that happened to us. And some people should stop advertising their own ignorance, it may affect people who have vulnerable faith and beliefs.

Always remember that, God does not punish, he forgives.

What makes a Filipino, Filipino?

Mannerism, culture, and distinctive traits are those things that make a Filipino, Filipino. We have certain habits that we make and are known only by Filipinos, which make us unique. One example of it is not using utensils and eating with our bare hands, a common Filipino mannerism that makes us different from the other races. When we celebrate our barrio’s fiesta, we spend too much time and money for the preparations for the event even though we lack funds. It’s a Filipino thing when we have a little food to offer and yet we still find ways to share it to others.

Filipino people have an incomparable way of life which is seen through the ethnic tribes that resides in the Philippines. They have their own rituals, Ideas and arts that we respect. These tribes makes our country a more colourful and buoyant place to live in, creating an inimitable impact for the country. We are known for being hospitable. We accept people in our homes and making them feel comfortable and letting them feel at home. We never neglect our family because we believe in a saying that family comes first. Some may say that we are very dependent of that but they do not understand because they never actually experienced how it feels like to be there to support your family whatever or whenever it will be.

We are cheerful and we never give up. We know how much storms and sufferings we have all been through, nevertheless we can still see smiles on our fellow countrymen. These storms may have been able to ruin our homes and the lives of our beloved, but we still kept in our mind that, there is always a rainbow after every rain. There is hope somewhere out there and we keep our faith to our God always. These certain things, may be values or just gestures, makes a Filipino, Filipino and are some of the things that we can be proud of.