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Whatever happened to my life

I am so tired to be tough. To act like I am not hurt but I can’t. They say when the pain is to much, the body will just break down. I guess that’s what happened. I am a living human who is capable of feeling too. I am so mad and disappointed at the people around me.

Is it too selfish if I asked for an attention from those people I love and I care about? I just want to be loved and cared for too. Cause it feels like I am living in this world alone. It feels like I have no one to lean on. It feels like I’m facing everything myself. I don’t fucking feel special at all like everyone from the internet is telling me. I just need someone cause even those I call friends gave up on me.

Tired of exerting effort and making those people I are about, feel better, or even special. Is it egotistic or self centered if I ever asked for them to return the favour? Cause it probably is and I don’t even have the guts to tell what I feel and to ask. I don’t want to sound needy.


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