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And the illusion of all the beautiful people

The problem is, I’m easily attracted to people who makes you feel special.

THEY ARE THE NICEST! They treat you right, they make you fall out of love with just a smile and a couple of sweet notes.They make you appear like, you really are an interesting person in their eyes. You, finally are, appreciated. Don’t. They are like angels that captivates you with the sound of their harp, surely a music to your ears, that makes you eager to want their attention.

You. Are. Already. Bewitched. By. Their. Charms. Don’t.

Remember that Lucifer was once an angel. Don’t fall on their trap. Don’t let them have the ability to hold you, head over heels. Because when you do,and you already care to much, and you’re so high of all the dopamine that rushes through your brain, that you’ll loose yourself, and your mind out of it. It will bound you, chained all over you, your Achilles’ heels, that would lead you to your ultimate downfall. Because eventually, they will leave you hanging, left with an unrequited affection.



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