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Not so 18 and legal

I really envy kids my age. They get to go out of their house and have fun without their parents ransacking all the chances that they have. Seriously, I am all locked up in my room this whole holiday vacation because my Dad won’t even allow me to do anything outside of this house. I wasn’t even allowed to visit a friend on a hospital for the reason that it is fucking far? I hate my life. It feels like I am living in a prison and I’m really tired of it and one lesson learned from that, staying inside the house too much, is depressing. Specially when you’re an only child (No wonder I am always sad). And my Dad, is not always here, and whenever he is here, he’s not much of a speaker. Indeed, a man of few words.

I should have been living my life as an 18 year old, and not a high schooler. I mean, I want to go out and have fun, enjoy my youth, and be with my friends. I am not even that hard-to-manage-child who is easily influenced by negative vibes. I will definitely be home at 10 o’clock.  I don’t smoke, I don’t get drunk, I didn’t have sex, and I don’t do drugs. I mean, I get the fact that parents are worried and they only want their children to be safe. But, the only thing I want to do outside is buy a book, read it on a coffee shop, or improve my photography skills, fucking socialize, and enjoy nature. What is so scary with that? Now, I only have 2 days of vacation left and it makes me furious that I didn’t get the chance to enjoy it properly, like the way I want to.

Fuck my life.


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