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And so, my unbelievably painful stomach cramps I got for Christmas eve is back and hunting me again. And I’m afraid, it’s not diarrhea. I actually have to stop everything that I am currently working on because it fucking hurts. To actually make this post, I had to download a WordPress app on my itouch, and is free by the way, so I don’t have to be uncomfortable creating a blog post in my humongous laptop, which is totally good and even better. Now I don’t have to plug in my laptop (Did I mention that mine doesn’t have any battery)  just to make a blog post, and I can do it anywhere. infuckingcredible.

But before everything went from alright, to Michael-Jackson-bad, and With me suffering from this, I started painting, with watercolor as a medium, and I’m quite contented with what I have started doing. Although, it’s not finished since I got this love-hate relationship with my tummy. But hey! Here’s what I’ve been doing.


I should have made this entry last night but I gave up trying to think about what to write with a not so pleasant stomach ache. I hope to get well as soon as possible, because I do have plans for later which involves going out of the house. Yay! Hit me.


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