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The day Christmas forgot about me

Holiday break had started days ago, but here I am, constantly loathing upon the fact that I’ve never done anything productive during this vacation. I’ve drowned myself from watching different series and movies that could probably ease my boredom for I have nothing to do. And I do not actually have the luxury of getting out of the house and having adventure trips (like every other kid at my age). The only thing that has preoccupied me is that; I’ve involved myself too much on the stories of these fictional people from the series I have been watching, which is not entirely good, because I am so attached that I can’t even contain my emotions watching them. Well, I guess one good thing that this program has brought me is the inspiration to actually continue writing on my blog, since the protagonist is a teen blogger and the series is about her blogging about her life.

So, Christmas passed through me like nothing happened and all I got is a raging Diarrhea. I never even had the chance to visit the church because of this sickness along with its symptoms. But still is better than Gonorrhea (lame jokes, ugh). But I still am a bit disappointed that I had to celebrate Christmas on my bed crying about how my stomach aches like a motherfucker, and how I’m nauseous that when I have to get water, I had to crawl like fuck. Let’s skip the dirty part. What’s done, is done. It happened. Maybe next Christmas won’t suck so much like this year. I just hope Christmas won’t forget about me again, and so are my godparents. Where art thou?

But, I still have no idea what to do with my remaining 10 days of holiday vacation, but I hope I could start my painting soon enough since I bought so much materials for it to happen.


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