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What Disney Princesses taught me:


No one has that perfect hair. NO.

When I was young I love watching Disney movies, specially the princess movies. Don’t get me wrong, but I still do. I always dreamed of becoming a princess, to meet my knight and shining armor, the prince charming that will save you from the evil witch who turns out to be your step-mother. I even wondered if how many frogs I should kiss to find that perfect man that will make my dreams come true. Or should I pretend to be sleeping for a lot of days and months, expecting that a handsome prince will wake me up, and then we will live in a beautiful giant castle and experience happily ever after. Then I grew up and I realized that these things are all BULLSHIT. The fuck? For all of my life I’ve been told this lie that I am a damsel in distress and one day a prince will save me from my miseries. These stories should be banned you know.

Disney movies taught me to be hopeless romantic, to believe in true love and you go dancing and prancing in the rain and people wouldn’t suspect of you being bonkers. The person you’ve been wanting that will be the perfect match for you, and once you set your eyes on them, you’ll feel this deep connection and you become soulmates. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Welcome to the real world, princess. Unfortunately, there are no happy-ever-afters here; if it does exist then I will be with my first love, but no. Relationships go up and down, and being committed to someone, you have to compromise. You don’t want to find the prince charming that lives in a castle who will give you all you want. In the real world, the closest thing to a prince charming is Bill Gates and a sugar Daddy. I wouldn’t want that, why would I? And so, I somehow stopped these delusions that, one day, my prince will come and save me. True love is not being star crossed lovers, like Romeo and Juliet. They do not exist! If you say you are, then you should go kill yourself. It’s the only way you could be like them. All I want to say is that, be realistic with love. Not all love is going to end up with happiness, sometimes, there is pain, heartaches and too much drama, but like I said, you need to compromise. Now that is realistic.

P.S. Save your kids, don’t let them watch Disney movies.


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