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Gap Year and what I did not have the chance to experience.

Why am I not given the chance to experience a whole lot of things before going to college, seriously? You did not know how much I like this gap year to happen, but it just don’t exist in my country, which by the way is The Philippines. To whoever you are that is reading this, you are probably wondering why am I ranting so much just because I did not experience this gap year.

After Highschool, we make certain decisions before going to college. That decision is about what do you want to pursue and what you want to become. As a 16 year old Highschool graduate (I’m 18 now), I can say that my decisions and goals in life are not that clear to me. I am young back then and I am not that sure of what I really want to achieve. Most of my batchmates are quite clear with their goals but unfortunately, there are those who are undecided, just like me. And you know, these choices are going to define your future, your work, and all the stuff that will make you a responsible adult, and what not?

So, why do I really want this Gap Year  to happen? It is because I want to have that time to figure out what path should I take, what choices in life should I make, and might I repeat, will “define your-my future”, so that I don’t end up with the wrong decisions in life that will make me miserable.

SADLY, as you know, it did not happen. Now I am stuck with a decision that I didn’t even like. I am not saying that broadcasting, productions, and media is a bad course. It is nice but, it’s not my best interest anymore. Yes, I wanted to become a journalist, or even a director, but gurl, people change, I changed. Then, I realized that, it’s not my passion really. I always wanted to do art and anything that involves art, but shifting is not the best option because I’m in my third academic year, 2 more years and it’s graduation. So… you gotta do what you gotta do.

I just hope that parents will help their kids into achieving their goals and what they really want in life so they will be happy in what they do. Guide them in making decisions, not impose yours. Because when you are truly happy in what you’re doing, you’ll eventually come up with great results.


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