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And May The Odds, Be Ever In Your Favour. (a comparison for Broadcasting and The Hunger Games)

“The mockingjay, a symbol of rebellion”

Hunger games is a futuristic drama in a post-apocalyptic setting after a devastating civil war. A dystopian society is governed by a group of authorities living in a luxurious city of Capitol, the centre of wealth and affluence, in a country called Panem. Many years ago, a rebellion sparked between the capitol and the other 12 districts in the Panem that has resulted to a massive destruction and economic downfall. As penitence for their uprising, each of the twelve districts are sent to a public “reaping” in which a male and female between ages twelve and eighteen are selected in a yearly lottery. The tributes shall be taken to the city of capitol where they are trained for a battle in a large human made arena where they fight to the death while everyone watches on television until one victor remains. The survivor of the game will receive glory, wealth and honour and a year supply of food for their district. The hunger games is the sign of generosity and forgiveness of the capitol and will always be a reminder of the rebellion, a remembrance of the past.

In the movie, it is said that if you want to stay alive you got to have sponsors, and to get sponsors is to make people like you. In relevance to broadcasting, what keeps the show existing is the audience who watch it. It is how the show will get the good feedbacks that come from the audience that makes their show strong and stable. Also with a big population of viewers who patronize the show, it will also gain sponsors from big companies that advertise through it and the show will gain profit from it. The hunger games have gamemakers that design the whole arena including the outfits of the tributes and even the smallest and tiniest detail to the largest dreadful massacre. The gamemakers control every single feature inside the stadium and they make decisions to what are the good ways of entertaining the capitol. Same thing that happens with broadcasting, they control the flow of the show that is being aired so that the audience will be delighted, impressed and entertained that they will be engrossed in watching, in which they will receive high ratings and good feedbacks. In the arena, where the tributes are set to battle for their lives, every move they make are being recorded, but the only ones that are aired in the Panem are those that the game makers see as a non-threat scenes so the Panem wouldn’t have the idea of another rebellion. In accordance to broadcasting, they filter images and scenes that they think are not suitable for airing so that they can manage the people’s views and take it as their advantage in the industry of media and broadcasting.


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