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Piece of a Serie


American Horror Story is a horror-drama series created by Brad Falchuck and Ryan Murphy and is aired FX, a television channel owned by FOX entertainment group. The story centers on the Harmon family: Ben, Vivien, and Violet, their daughter who recently moved to a newly restored mansion in Los Angeles to start a new life after Vivien Harmon, had a miscarriage and Ben had an affair with his student. The mansion has a very unpleasant history, ranging from brutal murders to demonic manifestations.

As days go by, they unravel different stories and mysteries that envelopes the house. Lately they knew that the mansion comes with the different entities stuck in it- the souls of the previous owners of the house. They also encounter many conflicts going on inside the house one major conflict is that Ben cheated on his wife Vivian. Other conflicts involved their neighbour Constance and her daughter Adelaide, born with a down syndrome, a chromosomal disorder, the frequent trespassing of Ben Harmon’s Patient, Tate, who in the end revealed as a ghost, and also the other ghosts roaming and disturbing their family.

Basically, the whole reason why this show left an impression on me than the other series is because of its unique plot. That, before you understand the whole concept is you have to pay more attention to the characters that are present. What makes it different from the other horror, suspense and thriller series is that its twists are very uncommon and unexpected. I also liked the fact that the story doesn’t revolve only with the Harmon family but also with the stories of the former families who lived and died in the mansion.



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