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What makes a Filipino, Filipino?

Mannerism, culture, and distinctive traits are those things that make a Filipino, Filipino. We have certain habits that we make and are known only by Filipinos, which make us unique. One example of it is not using utensils and eating with our bare hands, a common Filipino mannerism that makes us different from the other races. When we celebrate our barrio’s fiesta, we spend too much time and money for the preparations for the event even though we lack funds. It’s a Filipino thing when we have a little food to offer and yet we still find ways to share it to others.

Filipino people have an incomparable way of life which is seen through the ethnic tribes that resides in the Philippines. They have their own rituals, Ideas and arts that we respect. These tribes makes our country a more colourful and buoyant place to live in, creating an inimitable impact for the country. We are known for being hospitable. We accept people in our homes and making them feel comfortable and letting them feel at home. We never neglect our family because we believe in a saying that family comes first. Some may say that we are very dependent of that but they do not understand because they never actually experienced how it feels like to be there to support your family whatever or whenever it will be.

We are cheerful and we never give up. We know how much storms and sufferings we have all been through, nevertheless we can still see smiles on our fellow countrymen. These storms may have been able to ruin our homes and the lives of our beloved, but we still kept in our mind that, there is always a rainbow after every rain. There is hope somewhere out there and we keep our faith to our God always. These certain things, may be values or just gestures, makes a Filipino, Filipino and are some of the things that we can be proud of.


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