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Behind Bars (Bilibid Exposure Trip)

What I love being with the inmates is that, they are entirely honest and welcoming. You know, I can’t really hold  my tears especially when they’re sharing their stories. I’ve learned so much with that trip, my views became different now that we know them more.

“Man is essentially good in nature” it’s just that, society is making them that way. They never chose the path of being in prison nor being called as such. It’s just that, there are circumstances in their life and that they cannot escape.

At first I was scared, but then I realized, wow, that wasn’t scary at all. I am just a coward because I was believed that prisoners are all the same when in fact, they are more intellectual than most of us. Media imposed that they are criminals, that’s is why people connoted that these prisoners have done so much mistakes in our society therefore we should all be scared of them.

Why in the hell that “snatchers” or “burglars” are the only one that is called criminals when we have here thieves, murderers, etc…. and we call them honourables? Yes, that is their question too. A question for me that is left unanswered. After all, these honourables, they stand among us.

I will never forget my experience inside that place. Were all hope lies, were you can see their happy faces but when you have a deep conversation with them, I am so sure you’ll cry your heart out. And because memories are too important to forget, here lies my memories of my first Bilibid Exposure Trip. 

And for my partner Kuya Pol, I salute you. UST sociological society, thank you.


Here is the legendary Bilibid artwork of Kuya Pol, my inmate partner.


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