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5 stages of grief (Research Edition)

Due to my brain wreckage, I now present to you, the 5 stages of grief: a Kübler-Ross model
  • Denial -“Haha, my brain can’t function. Maybe I should sleep now and research later.”
  • Anger – “What the fucking fuck? Seriously? I’m going to have a fucking 5 at my final grade. How should I fucking explain this shit to my classmates! Fuck, I can’t even understand this fucking theory!sdfg. FUCK THIS SHIT.”
  • Bargaining – “Hey derp, if you’ll help me with this I’ll treat you to Starbucks tomorrow.”
  • Depression – “I am soo depressed that I can’t think of any example in relation to personal and mass media influence.”
  • Acceptance – “It’s okay. As long as I got a passing grade of 3, I am contented.”

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